Lym (polymnia) wrote in lovely_lav_ice,

Happy birthday, Lav!

Well, Lavvie... there are so many things I'd like to tell you, I don't even know where to start. Let's do it with this little capsule-thingie here.

[*[PlayowlOwletteofthemonth.Flyingpurplepigs.Blueonesarefasterthough.Fieryandforbidden.Septuplets.Goodshipness.Summerof69(of2002reallybutweshallnotcontradictMrAdams).Swimminginthegutter.HermionewantingtopolishRonswandandothercomments, trademarkofLavsmum.Latenightandalmostdailychats.Bartender!Ron.RSLness.CB!CBs.Manyotherchocolatebathed!characters. Tackleglomps.PersuasiontojoinAlonessandturnLymmieintoawerewolf. Mudfights.Generalt00byness.Muchmuchloff.]*]*]

However, no matter how many more words I could have fitted in there, I still wouldn't be able to express what this friendship means and how much I care about you. You were one of the first people I got close to around here, and I really miss those almost daily chats we used to have. And even if we don't chat as often anymore, you're still someone v. special to me <333 Plus, whether I'm feeling t00by, or hyper, or sillyish, or down, I know I can always IM you and be comfortable enough to just... be myself. And that means so, so much <3.

And now, that said... *clears throat*

Happy birthday, Lav!

*clones lots of CB!CBs and CB!RSLs and makes them dance around* *hangs balloons with various HP pairings (namely Ron/Hermione and Draco/Ginny, for instance, and also Sirius/Remus just because :P)* *tosses cauldron-shaped confetti*

Hope you have an amazing day, lofflette, because you deserve it. May your 17th year in this world be full of wonderfulness. *sends good vibes and much, much loff* <33333

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